Samanate Construction Limited does not take responsibility for any transaction that takes place between clients and unverified third parties in the case of any fraudulent activity. Kindly contact us through any of our social media platforms, emails, and phones.


Samanate Construction Ltd adheres strictly to a corporate safety manual that provides company employees of all categories with essential guidelines on safety and precautions related to their respective occupations with a view to promoting safety and minimizing accidents.

Our safety ideals

Our first focus is to address the general company policy relating to safety, its contingency plan, safety Programs, goals, and organization.

Secondly, we provide general safety guidelines as applicable to a wide range of activities, occupations, and locations.


Management responsibility: Samanate management aims at all times to achieve quality and durability. The objective of the management of Samanate Construction Ltd is to provide its services in a manner that conforms to the Client’s contractual and regulatory requirements. In addition, Samanate personnel brings their experiences and know-how in order to reach a high-quality level.