Building Construction & Civil Engineering

Our Major focus at Samanate Construction Limited is the construction of buildings. The company has quite enormous amount of experience and expertise in this area. From our design, to construction and most especially our finishing is top-notch. This is evident in our past projects and we promise to get better and better. Our designs and engineering detailing are fantastic.

Building construction is very important to the survival of human race. Everybody needs a place to rest their heads after the day’s work. Also, every business needs a structure to thrive even in the open markets, people stay under umbrellas or sheds they make. Hence, building is an essential human need alongside food and clothing.

We are happy at Samanate Construction Limited to be in this kind of business not for the financial gains alone but for the satisfaction we derive from putting smiles on the faces of our clients whenever we help them realise their dreams of having a shelter or a business (building) of their own. 

We are able to achieve all these because of the experts we are surrounded with – Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Builders etc.

construction of office space
Why you should choose Smanate Construction

Project Management

Project management is simply the application of the right skillsets required to achieve a specific project objective. The knowledge and experience of the personnel involved, the methods applied and the processes in place must meet the project acceptable criteria within the agreed parameters.

Project Management cannot be taken with levity in the construction industry regardless of size and nature of the project. Everything from the smallest detail to the most complex one requires time, quality and cost management. At Samanate Construction Limited, we have experts that can manage any building project. This is why our clients can rely on us for proper management of every aspect of their project.

Project management is paramount to the success of anything we do in life. For instance, the entire process would become difficult if, while dressing up for office, you put on your shoes first. The correct sequence would be to put on your pants first before your shoes. Likewise, in any building development, painting works cannot be done before the roof is installed. There is a sequence that must be followed to achieve success.

When a project is properly managed, unwanted costs, wastage and delays are eradicated. This is what we stand for at Samanate Construction Limited.


At Samanate Construction Limited, we offer consultancy services in areas where our expertise is required. Some of the areas we offer these services include;

  1. Quantity surveying,
  2. Architectural designs and supervision,
  3. Water/Sewage treatments,
  4. Civil Engineering etc.

We have this ability because of the caliber of experts we have in our portfolio.

This (consultancy) helps to ensure quality service delivery by the contractor where the client is absent in person or where the client does not have the knowledge of the construction process. We offer our services in this area to help checkmate the activities of the entire project.

Renovation of two story building by Samanate construction
procurement of construction material


We also offer services in procurements of materials for construction activities such as supply of cements, granites, sands etc.

Also purchase of equipment and tools for construction jobs which includes:

  • supply and installation of hoist,
  • cranes.
  • machines and other small tools etc.

We don’t sell these items directly, but we get them at affordable prices from reliable manufacturers because of the link bridge we have built between ourselves.